Balgownie Market Update 13 December 2019

Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

There is one new property on the market this week it’s at number 22 New Mount Pleasant Road in Balgownie. Now this one did hit the market late last week after our video came out. It was originally on the market with a contact agent and it is just had a price guide of $985,000. so we’ll keep you posted on how that one goes.

As for what sold, there have 2 sales in Balgownie this week. The first one is at number 11/73 Balgownie Road, it was sold for $560,000. The other one was at 51 Market Street, we talked about this one last week with the price changes on that one originally went to market with sevens did end up selling for $825,000. So that’s what I would have thought that one would have gone for but it was price quite low to start with. As for other price changes in the area. There was one change at number 4/21-23 Farrell Street,
it was listed at $599,000 it is now 500 and

It was listed at $580 to $620,000. It does now have a price of $599,000. So we’ll keep an eye on that one for you. Now we’re on our last day today of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. And we’ve had a fantastic response from everyone locally, we really do appreciate all the local Balgownie businesses that have taken part. And thanks so much for all the likes and shares on Facebook, it is truly appreciated. All the best before the draw. And we will be doing that on Friday. So we can’t wait to see who wins that prize. I hope you guys having a great week. Not long now till Christmas, so lots of organizing out there, I’m sure. if you do need any help with going on to the market in the new year, feel free to get in touch. We are working right up until Christmas. And we will still have our open homes over that period as well.

So it can be a really good time to secure a property. We find that during that time. There’s owners that do want to get their home sold and they still having their open homes in an attempt to find their buyer over the Christmas period so don’t be scared to come along. Take a look. See whether you can find your new home for 2020. Have a great day.

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