Balgownie Market Update 13 July 2018


Good afternoon! It’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update. Now, finally I have some really great news there has been a sale in Balgownie, number 3 Agnew Close has now sold. So, really great to see that one come through, it has been on the market for just over 90 days. So, very pleased for the owners there that they can now move on. Only one new one has hit the market this week and that is number 1 Margaret Street in Balgownie. That is a 3-bedroom home and that one is on the market for $740,000 to $790,000. So, not a lot happening but it is good to see something. I’ve had my Balgownie hotel promotion running for the last few weeks, thank you so much to everybody who has entered and congratulations to my winner there. Now, Balgownie hotel has got a really great event coming up soon, it is the James Squire Degustation Dinner. So, five courses with beer tasting samples to match, $45/head that’s coming up at the end of July. So, jump on, book a table, I would love to see you there. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Bye for now.

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