Balgownie Market Update 17 January 2020

Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

I’m officially back on deck for 2020. And I’m so excited to hit the ground running and got so much happening in the office and also in Balgownie. I’ve had three appraisals in Balgownie already this week. So there are a lot of people looking at doing something. Now we are in the new year. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and getting back into the swing of things as Am I.

Now as for what is actually happening in Balgownie, there’s a lot of new property on the market. We’ve got four properties that have come onto the market since my last report so most of them have been in the last few days. there’s a new townhouse at number 5/17 Ryan Street, that’s a three-bedroom townhouse with a price guide of $790,000. Couple of big homes that have come onto the market and auction properties, which is going to auction in February. 21 Wellington Drive in Balgownie that’s a big five-bedroom and has a price guide of around $1.15 million that is as I said, auction property. Another auction property at number 13 Peace Crescent. Beautiful four-bedroom home. There is no guide on that one at this stage. The last one is another auction a smaller home this time at 67 Margaret Street in Balgownie. It is a four-bedroom with a price guide of $760,000. Has been a couple of properties come to a sold since we last spoke, first one is number 1/109 Balgownie Road, that was a townhouse and that one has sold for $565,000. The other one number 10 Sherwood Drive. that was an auction property it did sell after auction and it has now sold for $920,000. A couple of price changes as well. Number 7 Howson Place that was awaiting a price guide for a sometime after the auction, but it does now have a guide of $1.15 million. The last one is number 141 Brokers Road, beautiful property out there, great views. It was an auction but it is now on the market at $1.795 million. I hope you’re all having a great day. I look forward to catching up with you again soon and if you too are looking to sell in 2020 please get in touch. We’d love to pop in and see you. have a great day!

Just a couple of reminders for you as well registration for the soccer club is now open. So get involved this year with the Balgownie Junior Football Club it’s a fantastic cup to be involved with. And I’m sure that the kids would love to spend their Saturday mornings playing soccer down there at Bally. Also the Joanne Grace School of Dance they have also got their enrollments now open, but for anyone with little ones between 2 and 5 years of age the girls at Joanne Grace have a free trial set for next Saturday. I think it’s the 21st of January. That’s a really sick dance program that we spoke about before Christmas. So feel free to pop in and take your little one in for a free trial. You can get in touch with the Joanne Grace School of Dance to book your spot there.

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