Balgownie Market Update 18 October 2019


Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

Now you would notice there was no update last week I was taking a few days off. I spent two nights in Canberra my son was involved with the cricket tournament down there so it was nice to sit in the sun. I did still work while I was away.

There was a lot going on but it was lovely to be out of the office and enjoying the sunshine.

As for what’s happening in Balgownie there are quite a few new properties on the market in the past fortnight in within our office Joanne has listed number 2/192-198 Balgownie Road, now that’s a three-bedroom townhouse. It is on the market for 595 to $650,000. So that’s a great opportunity there for someone to secure what could be their first home and just footsteps away from the Balgownie Village.

13 Blanchard Crescent has also come on to the market. It’s a five-bedroom home, which is going to auction has no guide at the moment. Number 21 Ian Bruce Crescent another auction property this time a three-bedroom home with a guide of $750,000.

The last one number 1 Tucker Avenue. Now that’s a three-bedroom home as well. There is no price advertised at all on that one with a contact agent. So you will need to get in touch with the agent there to find out what they are asking. Now, what sold n Balgownie, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a little bit more happen. There’s one Villa that has sold in the past two weeks. That one is at number 3/35-37 Ryan Street like I said a three-bedroom villa. So great one for the downsizer and it has sold for $730,000.

Now just a little bit of a reminder, Melbourne Cup is coming up. We’re only two weeks away. And the reason that I’m so excited about the Melbourne Cup is that it’s my birthday. And I’m looking forward to a day at the Rice’s. The girls at Brilliant Blooms in Balgownie are organizing me a fascinator on now it will be fascinator that they are designing for me with fresh flowers. I’m so excited. So if you are looking to celebrate Melbourne Cup day as well make sure you head in and see the girls, they can make you a fascinator or a flower crown.

And they’ve just got some beautiful ideas that they can show you when you’re hoping to see them. They’re located on Balgownie road. And we will actually be holding a competition with those guys soon looking forward to giving away a beautiful bunch of flowers and a candle from the gorgeous stores. So stay tuned for that it will be up and running within the next couple of days. I have had a super busy week in terms of sales.

I had actually had three properties exchange since Saturday and I’ve got three more with Office on the go. So looking like it’s going to be a good month of October. It looks like everyone is really out searching for that property to secure for the new year. People are talking to me about wanting to know where their school catchment is gonna be getting organized moving over that Christmas period. So now’s the time to talk to us if you too are thinking of a move in 2020 or at the end of this year, there is still time to get you on the market. Have a fantastic week and I’ll talk with you soon.

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