Balgownie Market Update 20 December 2019

Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your very last Balgownie update for 2019.

We are only days away from Christmas now and we are seeing a lot of activities in the Balgownie area.

I’ve been busy up in Balgownie with the prices this week. So quite a few people up in the Balgownie area that are thinking of selling in the new year. So, we’ve been just having a chat with them getting them prepared and making sure they know what to do come the new year. If you too are thinking of selling in 2020 please get in touch. We can make an appointment to see you still this week or we can see you early in the new year. We will also be around for our open homes throughout the Christmas season. So, feel free to pop in and see Joanne or myself there.

As for what sold in Balgownie this week. There are no sales and there is nothing new on the Market. So I don’t have an update for you there, but I do wanna do a very big thank you and a very big shout out to the Balgownie area for your support over the past year. It has been a great year. Joanne and I are really excited about what we’ve done in the area this year. There’s been a lot of community support, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to support the Balgownie Football Club. With referrals, they’ve been wonderful giving me business throughout the year and it’s so great about to give back by donating to the club. I’ve also just been able to donate to the Joanne Grace School of Dance by referrals as well.

Thank you so much to everyone in the area who does choose One Agency to sell their home, it does help the local kids in our 2519 postcode. So, Thanks again. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Stay safe and we will see you in 2020. Bye for now.

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