Balgownie Market Update 20 July 2018


Good afternoon! It’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update. Now it’s really good to see that there is some more movement happening in Balgownie. There has been one sold property come through. That was at number 7 Farrell Street in Balgownie, no price disclosed there but it is good to see a sold come through. There is one new property on the market, at number 1 Lahiff Place. Gorgeous 4-bedroom home, I’m sure that one will get a really good result as well. I have got another promotion happening in Balgownie, congratulations once again to my winner of the $100 voucher at the Balgownie hotel. This week we have got a $100 voucher from Collectionbythree so some beautiful giftware, homeware up there at the Collectionbythree store and you have got a couple of weeks to enter and be in the running for $100 back to spend there. Please enter, have a look on my Facebook page you will see the comment, like, and share that you need to do, and hopefully it’ll be you that I can give that voucher to. Hope everybody’s having a great week, I will see you guys again soon. Bye for now.

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