Balgownie Market Update 25 October 2019


Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update. A few little updates for you this week in Balgownie. There is one property that has come on to the market at 5/74-78 Balmoral Street. It’s a three-bedroom Villa it has actually been on the market before with another agent. So the second agent is on the job. The price has come down a little bit so we will see what happens with that one. There is one property that has come under offer it’s at number 1 Tucker Avenue in Balgownie. I did notice that it was under offer previously so it is under offer again it will be good to see whether that does go through this time. As for sold properties, just one sold property. At number 1 Chalmers Street in Balgownie, now this one hit the market at a higher level. It was sitting at around the 590 to 950 price point I believe.

There is one property that has sold in Balgownie this week it’s at number 1 Chalmers Street. Now when it first came onto the market, it was advertised at a higher price range of 890 around the 950 pricing level, it has now sold at $830,000. So not quite as much as what we would have thought, given the home there. I think sometimes when we hit the market at to0 higher level, we do scare people away. So if we see that more of a realistic level, we do get competition and then we then are capable of getting you to a higher price. It’s just one of those marketing strategies in that you can’t aim for the stars I know we all love as much as we can get but we do need to be realistic at times and really offer a house at a level where the market will see value. So what else is happening around the place I’ve just sold a property in Fernhill that was number 3A in Bruce road. It’s the second property I’ve sold for the wonderful family there and another donation going to the Balgownie Junior football club so fantastic to be able to support the club there once again.

This weekend you do have the Family Fun Day at the Balgownie hotel from 2 o’clock you’ve got face painting, you’ve got arts and crafts. You’ve also got a jumping castle. So make sure that you head along to the Balgownie hotel, take the kids out for lunch, they’ll have a bowl. I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far and I’ll talk to you all soon.

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