Balgownie Market Update 6 December 2019

Hi guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

I’m just next door to my office at the coffee shop here at Xavier’s, enjoying a quick coffee while I let you guys know what’s been happening in Balgownie this week. There has been a little bit of activity. So 2 new listings have come onto the market. The first one is a townhouse at number 1/109 Balgownie Road. That one is on the market for $545 to $575,000.

The other one that has come onto the market is a villa. It’s in Farrell Street. It’s number 4/21-23. And it has a guide of $580 – $620,000. There has been one property that has now sold. It is at number 14 Kembla Street. Now, this is an interesting one. It’s a townhouse. It’s a beautiful townhouse there with gorgeous ocean views. Now, the second agent so the first agent wasn’t able to pick that one sold and it has transferred over to a new agent, has now sold for $877,500 which is a fantastic price for the property.

Also, couple of interesting little things in terms of price changes. at number 3/6 Sproule Crescent in Balgownie, we’ve seen an increase in the price from $835 – $840,000. And another interesting one number 51 Margaret Street, it originally had a guide of $749,000 and now has a guide of $799,000. So we’ll keep you posted on how that one goes. Now we’ve had a big week in Balgownie with our Christmas promotion. We are up today final 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas super pumped with all the responses we’ve had on Facebook. So many locals are really excited about winning our hamper.

So make sure that you jump on to Facebook, you can still comment on every single video to get yourself in the draw each day, and we can’t wait to give that one away next week. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic time getting ready for Christmas. There’s lots happening in the upcoming weeks. But if you do need any help with real estate, you know where we are. We do still have properties coming onto the market. I’ve had one new on the market this week and I’m photographing another one tomorrow so there is still time to sell if you do want to get that done before Christmas or early in the new year, have a great week.

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