Balgownie Market Update 6 September 2019


Hi Guys,

Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

We’ve had a fantastic sale result in Balgownie this week with Joanne finalizing the sale at number 21 Russell Street.

That property did sell the week prior to the auction and sold for $1.24 Million.

We have 79 buyers come through that home within the auction campaigns. So there definitely is a lot of people out there looking for something in Balgownie. If you are thinking of selling please get in touch. We do have a fantastic list of people that we could get through very quickly for you. There was one other sale that has taken place this week. Again in Russell Street.

It was at number 5/35 Russell Street and it was a three-bedroom townhouse which sold for $650,000.

There has been one new property come onto the market that was at number 1 Chalmers Street. Now, that’s a three-bedroom home, a beautiful little block there. It is gated, very private, and that one is on the market for 875 to $950,000. Now I just want to do a really big shoutout. I’m a very proud sponsor of the Balgownie Junior Football Club and we are getting to the nitty-gritty end of the season.

We have seen the under 12 division three charcoal team make it to the grand finals as well as the under 15 girls division one. So a big good luck for this weekend. We’re all cheering for you and we can’t wait to see the results of your game and wishing you all a fantastic weekend coming up and I’ll see you again soon.

Bye for now.

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