Balgownie Market Update 13 September 2019


Hi guys,

It’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

I’m coming to you from the Wollongong mall today. Carley and I headed to a Women with Altitude Networking Event this morning. So really looking forward to catching up with some of the ladies there supporting other women in our area who are running their own businesses.

Now what’s happening in Balgownie? Wow! What a big week there is a lot of properties hitting the market. There’s been five new homes come onto the market in Balgownie this week.

The fist one is at number 6 Rhodes Avenue in Balgownie, it’s a four bedroom home and that one is going to auction. You’ve got number 2/51 Balmoral Street in Balgownie. That’s a three bedroom townhouse with the price guided of 675 to 715,000. Another townhouse in Balgownie on the main road there number 4/121 Balgownie Road, two-bedroom townhouse on the market with a guide of $635,000. And it’s an interesting little complex there. I think that’s the third one on the market in the recent months, so will be interesting to see if that one sells quickly, or if it has taken a little bit longer like the other ones.

Another townhouse that’s 3 townhouses so far, number 6/10-14 Ruger drive. Now that’s a 3 bedroom townhouse with the price guide $530,000 little cal-du-sac there. And the last one is a villa Number 3/35 Ryan Street, a 3 bedroom villa with a price guide of $760,000. Now the interesting thing is, lots of property coming onto the market but no sales in Balgownie this week, so I’m waiting for something to happen. I’m seeing things within our office turn over quite quickly. We did sell our Avondale rural property the day before auction last Friday.

I also sold a property in Horsley this week, five days on the market. So there is a lot turning over out there hoping that some of those do come through in Balgownie shortly. I hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!

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