Balgownie Market Update 7 February 2020

Hi, guys, it’s Sarah Ward here with your weekly Balgownie update.

I’m standing in front of my newest listing at number 19 Camden Street in Balgownie. Now, this one will be hitting the market next week. It’s a three-bedroom home it’s in such close proximity to the village. It is the perfect home for first-time buyers, a young family or it could even be for someone who has a big house in Balgownie wanting to stay in the area but wanting to buy something a little bit smaller.

Stay tuned, that one will be up and running on the market next week. But if you would like some more information feel free to get in touch or have a drive past to take a look at this one. As for what else is happening in Balgownie this week, there is one new property on the market. That one is at number 2 Jolliffe Street in Balgownie. Again close to the village. It’s a four-bedroom home and it is on the up. And it is on the market with the price guide of $890,000. There has been on the other one. There has been only one other change in Balgownie this week. Now, this was a property that was going to auction. It is at number 21 Wellington Drive it was on the market with an auction guide of $1.15. It is now for sale for $1.25. So a little bit of a change there. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week.

I have also just to give you the heads up, I have just listed a big six-bedroom home in Balgownie. Beautiful flat level block with a pool. Beautiful aliquot no? neighbors at the back. So keep an eye out for that one will be on the market within the next couple of weeks as well. But again, if it’s something that you think might suit, give me a call

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